Masjid At Tin Wedding Photographer: Fahmi & Devita Wedding

Masjid At-Tin is beautiful mosque I ever seen in a journey of wedding photography. Now this beautiful venue will held Fahmi & Devita’s Wedding. Our team departed from Yogyakarta to Jakarta a day before the big day, and make a preparation while I have to shoot wedding at Bandung. Obviously I must try to preserve my energy for Fahmi & Devita’s wedding day. I leave to Jakarta as soon as night wedding party at Bandung is done. Usually the travel time is up to 2 hours. Definitely I take a sleep in the minibus due to my exhaustion. By the time I arrive at the hotel, I had an insomnia. It’s bad. I had a struggle to sleep. Gosh!.

As a result I got sick in the morning of a wedding vow. Despite of sick, I still could done my job until last hour. This is it a result of wedding shoot, what a hard work but it paid off by a beautiful place and great moment. I hope you enjoy it.

Masjid At Tin Wedding Photographer


This one is wedding cinematic highlight of them, presented by Aliy Photography and 99 Motion.


Happy Wedding Fahmi & Devita. Thank you!

Photographer: Aliy, Irma, Wahyu
Videographer: 99Motion

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