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It’s an honor to be published and listed with a lot of great photographers. This mid-year BellaDonna The Wedding list us in their magazine. BellaDonna The Wedding is a credible wedding magazine in Indonesia that have a lot of information needed for soon bride & groom to-be. On this day, bride and groom-to-be must be have a lot of to do in their list for their dream wedding. Therefore sometimes it is make them stress. This magazine come in handy to get those information easily.

Besides, a bride and groom to be must prepare their decoration, catering, venue, entertainment and of course a right photographer in a right place for their once of life time moment. Now all of you don’t have a worries. BellaDonna The Wedding publish 76+ Photographers You Need To Know article. In that article contain about recommended photographers for your wedding. We are so thankful for The Wedding had Aliy Photography listed on those article. What an honor listed together with many great photographers. It’s valuable information and you must get it, don’t ever regret it later while you have a bad wedding photographer. You can buy this magazine online via Scoop below.

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