United Tractor Grand Ballroom: Bugis Wedding Shandy & Abi

Bugis wedding is one of traditional weddings that exist in Indonesia. Now, Shandy and Abi will arrange their wedding in Bugis Wedding Tradition. They choose United Tractor Grand Ballroom for their wedding venue. The venue decorated with Bugis ornament and domination of gold color. It’s beautiful, romantic also luxurious. On that beautiful day, they’re look so happy....

Santika Hotel Jakarta: S & A Engagement Day

Santika Hotel Jakarta for S&A Engagement Day Finally after a while we could post an update. Last time we was shoot engagement day at Santika Hotel Jakarta. An engagement take place inside ballroom of Santika Hotel Jakarta in the morning of January. Both of a couple’s family gonna met together at that day. By the...

American Couple Session: Joanna & Alex

American couple who had a photo-session last time was Joanna & Alex. Both of them come from Brooklyn, USA. They come so far to have a vacation at Bali and visit Jogja, while doing a photo-session at the same time. Well, they love to traveling while doing a photo-session at wonderful places. A long time before, they went to...

Santo Petrus Church: Amel & Kris Wedding

Santo Petrus Church hold a wedding sacrament of Amel & Kris last time. Kris is from Flores, while Amel is from Surakarta. First of all, both of them meet at college. However, they aren’t feel in love yet. Despite of have a different family background, their togetherness make a love growing inside.  A lot of time passing by...

Kebun Raya Bogor Post-Wedding: Ron & Novita

American Couple doing Post Wedding In last September. We are really excited to greet last September. You know why?. Because, we have been waiting two special guests who come from America. It became a busy week because they choose a photo session in adjacent time. Because, our first romantic and lovely American couple Ronn & Novita took...

Tebing Breksi Jogja: G & Y Session

Tebing Breksi Jogja become a trend place lately. Furthermore this place become more interesting after the development. A platform added by a manager in front of Tebing Breksi, so a people can use it for any occasion. Besides the cliff there is an iconic stairs and we like this spot. Definitely we like to take...

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