Kebun Raya Bogor Post-Wedding: Ron & Novita

American Couple doing Post Wedding In last September. We are really excited to greet last September. You know why?. Because, we have been waiting two special guests who come from America. It became a busy week because they choose a photo session in adjacent time. Because, our first romantic and lovely American couple Ronn & Novita took...

Tebing Breksi Jogja: G & Y Session

Tebing Breksi Jogja become a trend place lately. Furthermore this place become more interesting after the development. A platform added by a manager in front of Tebing Breksi, so a people can use it for any occasion. Besides the cliff there is an iconic stairs and we like this spot. Definitely we like to take...

Javanese & Minang Wedding: I & D

Javanese and Minang Wedding day done by this couple was a beautiful combined traditional wedding. Yeah, she is Javanese and he is Minang. Hereafter, they finally tied a knot and become a husband and wife. What a rich culture we have here, a diversity become a unity and it’s beautiful. Then ceremony start with Akad, an Islamic sacred...

Double Exposure

Double Exposure “New Beautiful Way to Remember Your Day” It’s been couple month since our last post. Yeah, it’s really a busy month. We must cover a wedding day a lot than before. The post-production also take our time, so we have a little difficulty to maintain our post. But all of that we done it...

Aulia Hall Center Tasikmalaya Wedding: Tisha & Sandy

Aulia Hall Center Tasikmalaya become a beautiful wedding venue a few weeks ago. In a few moment T & S wedding will be held. Finally this couple tied a knot on those day. A traditional Sundanese gown and a white luxurious wedding decoration make this wedding feel traditional yet still modern. Then, they will be have a traditional ceremonial...

Aliy Photography inside Bridestory Vol 02

Inside Bridestory Vol 02 After Aliy Photography listed in a first-ever bridestory magazine, now we are inside bridestory vol 02 magazine. Furthermore this magazine is a second magazine of For you who have no idea about Bridestory, you can check our previous article. In general this magazine is all you need for your wedding preparation. Since they have a lot...

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