Aliy Photography in BellaDonna The Wedding

It’s an honor to be published and listed with a lot of great photographers. This mid-year BellaDonna The Wedding list us in their magazine. BellaDonna The Wedding is a credible wedding magazine in Indonesia that have a lot of information needed for soon bride & groom to-be. On this day, bride and groom-to-be must be...

Grand Preanger Bandung: J & A Wedding

Grand Preanger Bandung in the end of 2014. I got this together with Bima Adhitya, best destination wedding photographer (also check out his Maldives work at Joanna & Angga is a fun couple, they are very cheerful. I’m so glad to take your wedding photos. Overall they had a beautiful wedding. A week before this couple had a blessing at...

Masjid At Tin Wedding Photographer: Fahmi & Devita Wedding

Masjid At-Tin is beautiful mosque I ever seen in a journey of wedding photography. Now this beautiful venue will held Fahmi & Devita’s Wedding. Our team departed from Yogyakarta to Jakarta a day before the big day, and make a preparation while I have to shoot wedding at Bandung. Obviously I must try to preserve my energy for Fahmi & Devita’s wedding day....

Jakarta Wedding Photographer: Ami & Gunar Wedding

I’m happy to see and capture this beautiful wedding ceremony. Eventually this wedding held at Jakarta. Therefore we present a wedding of Ami & Gunar. After all, I like to say congratulations for both of you. Happy wedding!. Photographer: Aliy & Irma

Yogyakarta Session: Suci & Kurnia

Aliy Photography as one of Wedding Photographer Yogyakarta have a session with a nice couple last time. We know each other very well with this couple. They are so fun and lovely. Therefore, we have a great time. So, thanks to our lovely couple Suci & Kurnia for sharing your moment in this lovely photo-shoot. 

Wedding Tasikmalaya: W & G Wedding

Happy wedding and congratulations to W and G. It’s a surprise when this couple become husband and wife. I know each other, they are nice. In fact, W is my cousin in our big family. While G is my senior in a high school. Now, after this wedding he become a part of our big family. At last but not...

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