Gumuk Pasir “Sand Dunes” Parangkusumo Session

Gumuk Pasir located near Parangkusumo Beach, this place is so popular for movie and music video clip shooting. After that, this place always be a touristic destination at Yogyakarta. Tourist love to enjoy a scenery that look a like desert and take some picture or selfie. As time goes by, Gumuk Pasir often become a spot for photo session, for us this place also suitable for Post-Wedding session.

Last August, we have a photo session with Iren and Tio at Gumuk Pasir, Parangkusumo Beach. This couple love traveling and culinary thing, so fun to have a photo session with them, and also sandy haha. Gumuk Pasir is located with other nice spot like Parangkusumo beach and empty plane runway. Then, we decide to check it out for more variation. First, we go to runway and stop by at road with beautiful green trees. Second, we have session at beach. Actually Parangtritis beach, the icon beach of yogya, is not far from there, for time reason we must finish our session at Parangkusumo beach.


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