Phoenix Hotel Jogja: Shandy & Abi Post Wedding

Phoenix Hotel Jogja MGallery by Sofitel really beautiful hotel. Phoenix Hotel Jogja have a colonial decoration style with combination of Classical European and Traditional Javanese. No wonder Shandy and Abi, a lovely couple, eager to have a Post Wedding Photo Session in this hotel. This post wedding photo session is done after this couple had a wedding at United Tractor Grand Ballroom.  Later on, they write down Phoenix Hotel Jogja in their honeymoon bucket list.  Moreover, Abi have a dream to stay at this hotel since a long time. So this is it, we capture a moment of a dream come true. Also, thank you to Ms. Riris of Phoenix Hotel for help us, so we could have a photo session running smoothly.

Ah ya, also we have a photo session at Tickles Cafe, before we visit our main spot at Phoenix Hotel.

*Make Up Artist by DCMUA

Phoenix Hotel Jogja-Shandy-&-Abi-Post-Wedding-001Phoenix Hotel Jogja-Shandy-&-Abi-Post-Wedding-002Phoenix Hotel Jogja-Shandy-&-Abi-Post-Wedding-003Phoenix Hotel Jogja-Shandy-&-Abi-Post-Wedding-004Phoenix Hotel Jogja-Shandy-&-Abi-Post-Wedding-005Phoenix Hotel Jogja-Shandy-&-Abi-Post-Wedding-006Phoenix Hotel Jogja-Shandy-&-Abi-Post-Wedding-007Phoenix Hotel Jogja-Shandy-&-Abi-Post-Wedding-008Phoenix Hotel Jogja-Shandy-&-Abi-Post-Wedding-009Phoenix Hotel Jogja-Shandy-&-Abi-Post-Wedding-010Phoenix Hotel Jogja-Shandy-&-Abi-Post-Wedding-011Phoenix Hotel Jogja-Shandy-&-Abi-Post-Wedding-012Phoenix Hotel Jogja-Shandy-&-Abi-Post-Wedding-013Phoenix Hotel Jogja-Shandy-&-Abi-Post-Wedding-014Phoenix Hotel Jogja-Shandy-&-Abi-Post-Wedding-015Phoenix Hotel Jogja-Shandy-&-Abi-Post-Wedding-016Phoenix Hotel Jogja-Shandy-&-Abi-Post-Wedding-017Phoenix Hotel Jogja-Shandy-&-Abi-Post-Wedding-018Phoenix Hotel Jogja-Shandy-&-Abi-Post-Wedding-019Phoenix Hotel Jogja-Shandy-&-Abi-Post-Wedding-020Phoenix Hotel Jogja-Shandy-&-Abi-Post-Wedding-021Phoenix Hotel Jogja-Shandy-&-Abi-Post-Wedding-022Phoenix Hotel Jogja-Shandy-&-Abi-Post-Wedding-023Phoenix Hotel Jogja-Shandy-&-Abi-Post-Wedding-024Phoenix Hotel Jogja-Shandy-&-Abi-Post-Wedding-025Phoenix Hotel Jogja-Shandy-&-Abi-Post-Wedding-026Phoenix Hotel Jogja-Shandy-&-Abi-Post-Wedding-027Phoenix Hotel Jogja-Shandy-&-Abi-Post-Wedding-028

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