Tebing Breksi Jogja: G & Y Session

Tebing Breksi Jogja become a trend place lately. Furthermore this place become more interesting after the development. A platform added by a manager in front of Tebing Breksi, so a people can use it for any occasion. Besides the cliff there is an iconic stairs and we like this spot. Definitely we like to take one for our photo set here. Important thing to realize is this place used to be a stone quarry. However Tebing Breksi have a several cool photo spot. For that reason we recommend this place to our last couple. In a meeting with them we have a nice conversation and have a talk about their photo session plan in detail. Then, our couple like to have a casual photo session with us.

On D-Day, although we have fun session at Tebing Breksi but it’s not enough yet for us. So that we have one additional place. That place is Tembok Ijo. Unfortunately, we just have a little time at Tembok Ijo. We hope we could share more about it soon. Soon after a short visit at Tembok Ijo, we are heading to a beach for a beach session. Yeaay. We got a beautiful view at there.  After a beach session finished, we move back to the city straightaway, so we could doing a fun night photo session. Alright, that’s it. Let’s take a look at our photo session result with G & Y. Oh and for a note, we have been posted one of this photo set in this Double Exposure post. Surely we like to say thank you to our great couple of the day and congratulation!

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