Japan Post-Wedding

Japan Post Wedding

Japan Post Wedding – Spring in Love

There is a lot of beautiful places in this world. It’s hard to miss those amazing places. Surely Japan is one of them. They have a culture of olden days and the modernity of today. Beautiful temples and fascinating sky will be your surrounding. Above all we’d find Sakura blooming very pretty. Moreover with this post wedding, we believe it’s a nice places to have a romantic moment for both of you. Leave your trail of moment, a moment of laugh, love, and smile together, at every corner of city under the Japan sky. In a several years to come, you’d have a lovely piece of memory to collect.

Lets it be yours. Join this post wedding Package then travel to Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka and shoot your post wedding session there.


Call us for more info. But if you feel want to choose another city, please check our destination choices.

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