Masjid Agung At-Tin Revisit: D & F Wedding

A couple years ago, Masjid Agung At-Tin is a place where the brother of our bride today was married. We was the one who documented his wedding formerly. Since then, this place become our favorite venue, why?. Because we think Masjid Agung At-Tin is beautiful, glorious, and of course have a lot of photo spot...

Maskam UGM Wedding: A & S

Many of couples at Jogjakarta want Maskam UGM to be their wedding venue. Likewise our couple and also the owner of Aliy Photography, they choose Maskam UGM as their wedding venue. This place have a nice architecture also a very nice ambiance lighting. Moreover at the front gate, this place got a water fountain and...

Kotagede Yogyakarta: F & F Post-Wedding

Kotagede is famous place at Yogyakarta. Kotagede known as The Old Capital City. A long time ago, Mataram Kingdom start from this place, and Kotagede is the capital city. Therefore, this place have a heritage buildings from that kingdom time, since that this place become a good spot with a Javanese Kingdom ambience. A lot...

Gumuk Pasir “Sand Dunes” Parangkusumo Session

Gumuk Pasir located near Parangkusumo Beach, this place is so popular for movie and music video clip shooting. After that, this place always be a touristic destination at Yogyakarta. Tourist love to enjoy a scenery that look a like desert and take some picture or selfie. As time goes by, Gumuk Pasir often become a...

Bromo Session: F & R

Mount Bromo is well-known magical scenery in the world. This mount very beautiful indeed. This mount is part of the Tengger massif, in East Java, Indonesia and belong to the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. Moreover, a large Sea of Sand surround the mount, very cool scene. This is very best option for destination post-wedding...

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