Maskam UGM Wedding: A & S

Many of couples at Jogjakarta want Maskam UGM to be their wedding venue. Likewise our couple and also the owner of Aliy Photography, they choose Maskam UGM as their wedding venue. This place have a nice architecture also a very nice ambiance lighting. Moreover at the front gate, this place got a water fountain and another good spot. Lovely!.

Akad nikah will be take place in the morning of wedding day, during appearance of a nice sunlight. Perfect!. After that, they have a wedding reception in Gedung Serbaguna Adisucipto at night. But, before that our couple will be have a preparation at Hotel Grand Dafam Rohan. Thanks for your hospitality and of course your nice spot. Unfortunately we’ve not a much time to try a shoot at the pool. However at reception, we got a great night. Masya Allah. Then “Baarakallahu laka wa baaraka ‘alaika wa jama’a bainakuma fi khayrin”

After all, we’d like to say thanks to other great vendor that involved:

Maskam UGM_Wedding_1 Maskam UGM_Wedding_2 Maskam UGM_Wedding_3 Maskam UGM_Wedding_4 Maskam UGM_Wedding_5 Maskam UGM_Wedding_6 Maskam UGM_Wedding_7 Maskam UGM_Wedding_9 Maskam UGM_Wedding_10 Maskam UGM_Wedding_11 Maskam UGM_Wedding_12 Maskam UGM_Wedding_13 Maskam UGM_Wedding_15 Maskam UGM_Wedding_17 Maskam UGM_Wedding_16Maskam UGM_Wedding_18 Maskam UGM_Wedding_19Maskam UGM_Wedding_21 Maskam UGM_Wedding_22 Maskam UGM_Wedding_23 Maskam UGM_Wedding_24 Maskam UGM_Wedding_25 Maskam UGM Wedding_26 Maskam UGM Wedding_27 Maskam UGM Wedding_28 Maskam UGM_Wedding_29 Maskam UGM_Wedding_30Maskam UGM_Wedding_32 Maskam UGM_Wedding_34Maskam_UGM_Wedding_35 Maskam_UGM_Wedding_37 Maskam_UGM_Wedding_38

Maskam_UGM_Wedding_45Maskam_UGM_Wedding_36Maskam_UGM_Wedding_46Maskam_UGM_Wedding_42Maskam_UGM_Wedding_44Maskam_UGM_Wedding_43 Maskam_UGM_Wedding_39 Maskam_UGM_Wedding_40 Maskam_UGM Wedding_41 Maskam_UGM Wedding_47 Maskam_UGM Wedding_48Maskam_UGM Wedding_57Maskam_UGM Wedding_59 Maskam_UGM Wedding_49 Maskam UGM Wedding_50 Maskam UGM Wedding_51 Maskam UGM Wedding_52Maskam UGM Wedding_53 Maskam UGM Wedding_54 Maskam UGM Wedding_55 Maskam UGM Wedding_56 Maskam UGM Wedding_58 Maskam UGM Wedding_60 Maskam UGM Wedding_61 Maskam UGM  Wedding_62 Maskam UGM Wedding_63Maskam UGM Wedding_64 Maskam UGM Wedding_65 Maskam UGM Wedding_66 Maskam UGM Wedding_67 Maskam UGM Wedding_68Maskam UGM Wedding_69 Maskam UGM Wedding_70 Maskam UGM Wedding_71 Maskam UGM Wedding_72

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