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Hai, thanks for stopping by and reading this post. Aliy Photography do photography specialized at wedding photography since 2012. We always encourage a couple just to be your self. Because we love your authentic moment. To do  so, let’s connect as people not as vendors to client, let’s laugh, love and have fun together. We are wedding photographers and destination wedding photographers based at Jakarta and Yogyakarta.

Couple Who Trust

Thanks to those couple who entrust us for capturing their best moment and choose us because they are know we are the right wedding photographer for them. They aren’t hesitate to choose us for our capability to reach and cover their big day. Our based at Jakarta and Yogyakarta never be our limitation to come all around Indonesia even overseas (please look our recent destination overseas promo). That make us even more passionate and excited to give our photo style Natural, Magnificent & Memorable to them. Also, because we know your moment aren’t repeated and priceless. Sometimes, we come along to their places to do a meeting over coffee discussing about their big day and just to make sure everything goes well.

Who’s gonna be a next couple?. Lets have a great experience with us in this Wedding Photography Jakarta package. Don’t hesitate, just drop a comment, email or call us.

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